Shrimp fry

Shrimp fry provided in "Marha Homac" is the best taste in the world.
"Sashimi" is also the best taste. The reason we can serve delicious food is because there is a fish market 10 minutes walk from our restaurant.

This market is also wholesaled to the Tokyo Tsukiji market, and it is named "Toyama Market" in the Minamichita region of Aichi Prefecture.
It is one of the most famous places in Japan. Please come and try our restaurant's fresh Japanese cuisine.

Handy resorts just one hour from Nagoya
and Central Japan International Airport(Centrair)!

The restaurant is located in Minamichita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi, and about 30 minutes by car from Chubu International Airport in Aichi.
The nearest station is the Meitetsu Kawawa Line terminal Kawawa Station or the Meitetsu Chita Shin Line Uchiumi Station. It takes about 15 minutes by car from both stations to our restaurant.

We will pick you up at the nearest station if you make a reservation in advance for groups of 10 or more. (Please note that due to our congestion, sometimes we can not pick you up.)
Our restaurant is called "Maruha Honkan", and there is a restaurant called "Maruha Shokudo" in the same area. It's a different restaurant, so be careful not to go there by mistake.

Photo Gallery of MINAMI CHITA

ab17e47c10604c603a8eaffc19e43357.jpg 観光農園花ひろば 0bfbf749b65c709dcb5b576aaf9067c4.jpg 観光農園 64ba4babde7394f6ead45def25924f9d.jpg 観光農園花ひろば 7801565e7a7279e67e6b45889e3eb58f.jpg 中埜酒造㈱ 國盛 酒の文化館 9ce64e453d78a06d59634012b2c5ad49.jpg 矢勝川(彼岸花) e26632e0f8a31a68657c0cd7877196da.jpg 矢勝川(彼岸花) a7752ec0c3b4aa9bc77051e108cc9d4b.jpg 神明神社 2cf78f12184bda1bbcb59ea7408b5586.jpg めんたいパークとこなめ e7452ab108729253d7d0ec63d0d33af0.jpg めんたいパークとこなめ 56119b883f7b2fb91864bb646f249ca4.jpg 新舞子マリンパークブルーサンビーチ bc4771ae2df1f078b932c7dbe616d4e0.jpg 半田運河 蔵の街 2cb881675145ef859460f36d6c45dbb6.jpg 東浦町於大まつり 1c399e75d3c6fc564897fb64cef23c4a.jpg 篠島大名行列 05d5831d2cfd1db61427e16e9d402656.jpg 篠島ぎおん祭り・野島まつり 3553917d5802253dc5aba2a5550a407d.jpg c37eb2cd667cb3da074284208b2d6a75.jpg おんべ鯛奉納祭 65877290a4b5944feafb027a87423166.jpg 太一岬キラキラ展望台(篠島) f32588266594a19f2d078950492274a0.jpg 尾張万歳元旦奉納公演  43c5e489b7aeaffbd2f8ff676bcfd7a3.jpg 大興寺の開運大日福だるま大祭 4206831da836b3253784db86b3ddf019.jpg 大智院 節分豆まき式 1884a7da569b8d1c842033c54e90adc8.jpg CHITA CAT OMOTENASHI TOUR 5e522f6a154fb878000f2186d288a1a5.jpg CHITA CAT OMOTENASHI TOUR 2f7e78778955c788b25d9242df453b17.jpg 岡田春まつり 48b82b7334671d31affb42f862b07378.jpg 日長の御馬頭祭り 06086dca6b4a0003867d2bc069cce22b.jpg 武豊町 長尾地区祭礼 2b22f2a38386cbd28ac7ec304639d300.jpg 武豊町 長尾地区祭礼 f90f804ebee94ddbf1aa7d3bf2b30193.jpg 於大のみち桜のライトアップ 6ad42025b546e87c0159dc622c23ef13.jpg 南知多コスモス街道 bc70468419d59e12765558f1eaecb93f.jpg 南知多コスモス街道 02988445e64b683779f93d4a6323c2b0.jpg 尾州廻船内海船船主 内田家 3b5dc434f8c0c8e48037f01ddd3bf28a.jpg 尾州廻船内海船船主 内田家 8134846946282e2e229b2dffedadd9f0.jpg 尾州廻船内海船船主 内田家 8f3878a5e6bbb213877a77a5304ae0b2.jpg 尾州廻船内海船船主 内田家 0149f7e14bea0db05f7ab2efe356670c.jpg 大智院 めがね弘法大祭

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